All Inclusive: Lodging, Transportation, Guides/Translators, Recreational Activities, Tours, Groceries, & Breakfasts

Not Included: Airfare, Lunches, Dinners, Drinks

Some Activities Include:

Sunset Horseback Rides

Canter along secluded beaches with post-ride beverages, live music, and a pre-made bonfire on the beach to conclude the evening

Boat Expeditions

Join our daily snorkel or scuba expeditions along the reefs' that line our Pacific Coast, of which, host a high volume of tropical fish, sea-turtles, dolphin, & whales. An additional catamaran-cruise is also included.

Spearfish & Deep-Sea Fish

We provide guided spearfish expeditions with an underwater breathing apparatus for 3 hours of submarine-hunting. We also include trolling expedition, with daily catch such as tuna & mahi-mahi, eat fresh ceviche before heading back to land!

Professional Surf Lessons

1 1/2 hours of private surf lessons

Rainforest Horseback Trek

Trek through dense jungle on horseback, wading through rivers, climbing mountains, discovering secluded beaches, and observing the diverse abundance of wildlife such as howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, & anteaters.

Jungle at Night

With a guide, experience the jungle as its nocturnal inhabitants such as tapir, ocelot, tarantula, & the infamous jaguar, begin their nightly prowl.

Hidden Waterfalls & Beaches

Hike through the tropical rainforest to discover hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, & paddle-board along densely-vegetated river systems for close animal encounters.

Nicaraguan Culture & Food Tour

Cook traditional Nicaraguan delicacies, & receive a greater understanding of the Nicaraguan way-of-life.

Surf Lesson 

1 1/2 Hour Lesson from a Local Nicaraguan Surfer

Sunday Funday

Individuals come from all over Central America to experience Sunday Funday, a weekly celebration that pub crawls throughout San Juan del Sur. An incredible opportunity to meet travelers from all over the world!

San Ramon Waterfall

A half day is allocated for hiking the San Ramon trail to the San Ramon Waterfall with your designated guides & porters. The jungle trek is a lush, moderate incline two-hour excursion having a 280ft cascade with a waterhole at its base at the end of the trail. 

Volcanic Springs

Recover after your hike in the volcanic springs that rest at the base of the volcano, with a swimming hole, rope swings, and a spa that has an abundance of natural plants & wildlife.

Lake Nicaragua & Ometepe Island

Learn about the history and importance of the island, experience local Ometepe cuisine at the markets, kayak and paddleboard in Lake Nicaragua, visit the volcanic cold springs, trek through the cloudforest looking for waterfalls, try delicious homemade chocolate on a chocolate plantation, ride around the volcanic backroads in a 4x4 truck, and finally relax on one of the many beaches.

Chocolate Farm & Chocolate Factory

Experience chocolate from a real chocolate farm with the option of going on the factory tour, or relaxing by the lake-front property with a cacao bar, live music, & infamous cacao smoothies. 

Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo is a crystal-clear, thermal-lake in the center of the Apoyo Volcano. The temperature of the
lake averages 80 degrees, and gets warmer the deeper you swim, as it is vented by a still active
thermal volcano. At the accommodations, participants can swim, kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, and
explore one of the many restaurants lining the lake to try traditional Nicaraguan delicacies for a
three-day duration. 

Masaya Volcano 

While staying at Apoyo, participants can go to nearby Masaya to visit the largest
open-air market in Nicaragua, and try a variety of native fruits, vegetables, chocolates, and types
of coffee. An entire evening is dedicated to visiting the infamous Masaya Volcano, where participants have an opportunity to come in direct contact with the country’s most active crater, which
boasts lush flora and fauna, and diverse wildlife. It is best seen at night, as you can hear the
caldera, smell the sulfur, and see a lava lake that is constantly erupting.

City of Granada

The Colonial-city of Granada is both at once the oldest city on the continent, & the most developed tourism destination in Northern Nicaragua. The city is renowned for its Spanish-Colonial architecture & postcard cathedrals. Granada is a city full of bright colors, violent history, lake-side breezes, volcanic backdrops, bustling streets & markets, & the sounds of horse-drawn carriages carrying locals to & from work. Guides will explain the history of the city as guests' are introduced to the local culture & cuisine while exploring the notable sights in the city. 

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