Locations During Trip:

Santa Marta, Rodadero, Cartagena, Minca, Tayrona National Park, & Palomino

Where You Will Stay:

Playa El Rodadero


6-Days & 6-Nights

What's Included:

Top-Rated Lodging, Transportation, Tours & Recreational Activities, Guides & Translators, 24/7 Security, Rentals & Equipment, Entry Tickets & Taxes, + All Breakfasts!

Not Included: 

Tipping Guides & Servers, Airfare, Lunches, Dinners & Drinks

Activities Included:

Fiesta Blanca Boat Tour

Sailing in Tayrona National Park

Coffee & Coca Tour 

Waterfalls & Natural Pools

Wildlife of Colombia

Food & Beer Tour

Sierra Nevada Hiking


& much more!


Day One: El Rodadero

Day Two: Santa Marta & El Rodadero

Day Three: Tayrona National Park & Palomino

Day Four: Cartagena

Day Five: Minca & the Sierra Nevada

Day Six: Santa Marta

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Where To Fly Into / Out Of

Fly into & out of Santa Marta International Airport, this airport is easily accessible from Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Florida, & other countries in North, Central, & South America.

Santa Marta:
Explore South America's oldest colonial city, Santa Marta & El Rodadero. During your stay in Santa Marta & the neighborhood of El Rodadero, you will have the opportunity to go sailing in the Caribbean Sea, snorkel & scuba dive the beautiful reefs, zipline from the mountains onto the beach, learn about the rich history of the city, experience the cuisine & flavors of the region, & explore the countless markets within the city. Lodging will be in El Rodadero, considered one of the safest, cleanest, & most vibrant neighborhoods in Santa Marta.


An entire day will be spent in the historic city of Cartagea, which is a superbly preserved beauty lying within an impressive 13km of centuries-old colonial stone walls. Cartagena's Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site – a maze of cobbled alleys, pristine beaches, vibrant music & dancing, & some of the best food in all of Colombia

Tayrona National Park: 
An entire day will be dedicated to the infamous Tayrona National Park, which rests on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Tayrona National Park is a playground of white sand beaches that complement the lush mountainous coastline with crystal clear water. Named after the indigenous community, the Tayrona, the National Park highlights its indigenous roots by allowing guests to experience their unique & traditional way-of-life. The groups that make up the overall indigenous Tayrona are the Kankuamo, Kogui, Wiwa, & the Aruaco, that possess different customs & traditions from one another. Activities that guest will experience in Tayrona include exploring the endless stretches of palm tree-lined white-sand beaches, observing rare wildlife such as the Cotton-Top Tamarin, Three-Toed Sloth, Capuchin Monkey, Red Howler Monkey, Northern Tamandua, Toucan, & Agouti's, witness the snowcapped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, snorkel amongst the marine life, & connect with the local indigenous culture over some coca tea. 

Minca & Sierra Nevada Mountains:
Located 2,000ft above sea-level as you head into the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, you will discover the small Colombian town of Minca, which serves as a hub for outdoor recreational activities throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains. An entire day will be allocated toward exploring Minca's most notable sights & participating in the numerous activities the region has to offer such as exploring a coffee & cacao plantation, diving into the natural pools & discovering countless waterfalls, & of course spotting unique wildlife endemic to the region. 

Palomino is an unassuming small town just north of Tayrona National Park, that offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities to participate in. An entire day will be spent exploring the pristine & lesser known beaches, but the area is best known for its river tubing. There are also numerous waterholes & natural pools for guest to relax in, with the opportunity to spot unique wildlife such as pink flamingos, saltwater crocodiles, & manatees. 

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