All ground-transportation, boat/ferry transportation, accommodations, recreational activities, tours, & meals included!

Activities Include:

Sunset Horseback Rides

Canter along secluded beaches with post-ride beverages, live music, and a pre-made bonfire on the beach to conclude the evening

Boat Expeditions

Join our daily snorkel or scuba expeditions along the reefs' that line our Pacific Coast, of which, host a high volume of tropical fish, sea-turtles, dolphin, & whales. An additional catamaran-cruise is also included.

Spearfish & Deep-Sea Fish

We provide guided spearfish expeditions with an underwater breathing apparatus for 3 hours of submarine-hunting. We also include trolling expedition, with daily catch such as tuna & mahi-mahi, eat fresh ceviche before heading back to land!

Professional Surf Lessons

1 1/2 hours of private surf lessons

Rainforest Horseback Trek

Trek through dense jungle on horseback, wading through rivers, climbing mountains, discovering secluded beaches, and observing the diverse abundance of wildlife such as howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, & anteaters.

Jungle at Night

With a guide, experience the jungle as its nocturnal inhabitants such as tapir, ocelot, tarantula, & the infamous jaguar, begin their nightly prowl.

Hidden Waterfalls & Beaches

Hike through the tropical rainforest to discover hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, & paddle-board along densely-vegetated river systems for close animal encounters.

Full-Day Volcano Trek

A full-day allocated for hiking up either Maderas or Concepcion volcano on Ometepe Island with your designated guides & porters. Maderas volcano has a lush, moderate incline, & a lake inside the crater at the top.

On the contrary, Concepcion volcano is steep, arid, & active, with the one of the best views in the country at the summit overlooking Lake Nicaragua.

Volcanic Springs

Recover after your hike in the volcanic springs that rest at the base of the volcano, with a swimming hole, rope swings, and a spa that has an abundance of natural plants & wildlife.

Lake Nicaragua

Kayak, paddle-board, & take a boat expedition around Lake Nicaragua; Experience hundreds of tropical and volcanic islands and islets, each rich with biodiversity.

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