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Pacifica Aventuras was founded by a professional and qualified team of adventure enthusiasts, that offer a wide variety of recreational activities & tours throughout Central America, South America, & the Caribbean. Based in West Palm Beach Florida, our mission is to provide tourism infrastructure for developing nations & bridge the gap from North America into the lesser-known regions of the world that deserve to be explored by intrepid travelers.  


Our primary operation is located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, which features a land & sea tourism operation that provides tourism infrastructure for all of Nicaragua. From the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Coast. This features several operations: daily land & sea tours, multi-day expeditions to highlights in the country, international-trips to Nicaragua, hosting international study-abroad programs, & short-term lodging. 

Our second component is hosting international travel to Nicaragua; Study Abroad Programs, Family-Vacations, Business-Trips, Honeymoons, & Special Events. We provide all-inclusive customization trips based off traveler preference. We offer five-day, seven-day, ten-day, & fourteen-day packages to Nicaragua, with the fourteen-day package featuring two days in Costa Rica. 

Our daily Nicaraguan maritime operations include Scuba Diving, NEMO-diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, whale-watching, personalized boat cruises, and deep-sea fishing. While our land excursions include trips to the highlights of the region: multi-day packages to various cities and islands, culture-tourism, surf lessons, as well as single-day excursions to hidden waterfalls, lakes, and beaches. We also provide three-day PADI certification courses for scuba diving. 

Our final component is lodging, which features two identical eco-homes in an off-grid equestrian community located within a nature reserve in the tropical rainforest. 

In addition, we work with marine biologists and scientists to help rehabilitate overfished populations by sinking sponsored artificial reefs. A single artificial reef can support the regeneration of many species including coral, lobster, & fish. This project has installed over 250 reefs in southern Nicaragua at depths of 30-40ft. We encourage all local businesses in Nicaragua to sponsor a reef. 


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