Our pride & joy here at Pacifica Aventuras is our All Inclusive Boat Tour:

An action-packed half-day trip that gives guests the opportunity to enjoy all of our recreational boat activities on the same trip. 


4-5 Hours 

Available Add-Ons

Ask About Adding on Ceviche $5/PP

Beer on Ice: $2/PP

Available Times:

7am - 12:30pm or 12:30 - 5:00pm (Flexible)

Group Discounts 2023:

3 Guests: $53/person

4 Guests: $49/person

5 Guests: $45/person

6 Guests: $40/person

7 Guests: $35/person 

Pick-Up Location:

Port of San Juan del Sur 

Part One: 

1 1/2 Hours (Approximately)

The adventure begins by departing from San Juan del Sur, which is the closest accessible city in Nicaragua to the border of Costa Rica.
As we head into deeper waters, our team sets up fishing poles to begin trolling.

As we troll & explore the coastline between Nicaragua & Costa Rica, guests' have the opportunity to observe the abundance of wildlife that resides in the harbor including sea turtles, various species of whale, & dolphin. 

Part Two: 

2 Hours (Approximately)

After 1 & 1/2 hours of trolling, we will arrive at one of our many secret dive locations, filled with rock reefs that host countless species of marine life such as moray eels, pufferfish, hawksbill turtles, barracuda, red snapper, parrot fish, & so many others. 

At this time, guests have the option to gear up for snorkeling & diving. 

Guests may also try spearfishing, with a knowledgeable guide who will explain how the speargun functions, which fish are edible, & what size are appropriate for consuming. 

When you return to the boat, the captain will have floating devices that will be tied to the boat for guests to lounge in while listening to music & enjoying a cold beverage.

Part Three:

1 1/2 Hours (Approximately) 

As the day of adventure comes to a conclusion, guests will have the option to Wake Surf, Foil Surf, or continue Trolling depending on their preference. 

We provide a foil board for an epic flight skimming above the water along the lush mountainous coast, while passing by marine life in the turquoise water. 

Finally, after 4-5 hours of adventure, guests are safely returned to the beach of pickup. 

We will filet your days catch for you, so that you may enjoy your hard work for lunch or dinner. 

The most epic day on the water, & our most popular Single-Day Tour in San Juan del Sur!


We do not sportfish, we eat what we catch.

Support Sustainable Fishing

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Terms and Conditions

Ages 8-65 | Liability Waiver Required | Moderate physical condition REQUIRED for most activities | We go boating RAIN OR SHINE! We cannot guarantee ideal sea conditions, water visibility, nor guarantee you will catch a fish or see marine-life. Please Tip Your Guides!

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