Experience remote corners of the Nicaraguan jungle, discovering hidden waterfalls & beaches along the way during this 6 hour guided expedition.  

In the remote southwest corner of Nicaragua within minutes from the Costa Rica border, dense tropical rainforest lay refuge for countless waterfalls & hidden beaches that have little infrastructure. For this reason, a team of porters will guide you around these remote locations, explaining the geography & providing insight on spotting wildlife such as sloths, howler monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, toucans, parrots, giant anteaters, jaguar, coyote, iguana, & saltwater crocodiles. 

This is both a land & sea excursion. Approx 3h on land, & 3h on the sea.

 In total, guests will visit remote waterfall systems, & seven pristine beaches. 

Food, drink, & transportation is included. 

Food includes our coastal special (fish, tostones, gallo pinto, nica queso, & a fresh smoothie) 

Alcohol is available: $1 Beer

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9 Big Sky Ranch, Escamequita Rivas

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