Spearfish Expedition in San Juan del Sur


4-5 Hours 

Available Times:

7am - 12:30pm or 12:30 - 5:00pm (Flexible)

Group Discounts 2022-2023: 

3 Guests: $55/person 

4 Guests: $50/person 

5 Guests: $48/person 

6 Guests: $40/person 

Pick-Up Location: 

Port of San Juan del Sur 

Join a 4-hour guided spearfish & trolling expedition along the lush & mountainous coast of southern Nicaragua, with countless shallow reefs & numerous coves that host an abundance of tropical fish, sea-turtles, dolphins, eels, & numerous species of whales. 

We primarily hunt various species of Snapper, Lobster, Parrot Fish, Mackerel, Jack, Roosterfish, & Grouper, with the occasional Tuna. Our knowledgeable & professional guides will explain which species of fish are appropriate for hunting, & their respective size. 

If any member in your party would prefer to just snorkel, we will provide gear & show them the numerous reefs as the other members of the group spearfish. 

For spearfishing, you may use our traditional spearguns, either short-range or long-range. We will filet your catch for you that you may take home for dinner. Important: We do not sportfish, we eat what we catch.

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Port of San Juan del Sur , San Juan del Sur Rivas

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Ages 8-65 | Liability Waiver Required | Moderate physical condition REQUIRED for most activities | We go boating RAIN OR SHINE! We cannot guarantee ideal sea conditions, water visibility, nor guarantee you will catch a fish or see marine-life. Please Tip Your Guides!

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